Video Lab - AGM Factory

The video lab is equipped with three workstations and a Doremi server, allowing you to finalise your projects and convert to pretty much any format you desire. We can also provide copies on DVD or BluRay as well as any other graphic creations.



Workstation 1

Mac Pro 6 processors Xéon 3,5Ghz / 32Go RAM / Video card FirePro D500

AMC – FC Pro7 – DaVinci Resolve 11 + Sorenson Squeeze – Adobe Creative

Video Processor Vidéo Teranex 2K

5.1 Bluesky Mediadesk monitoring


 Workstation 2 (PC)

Authoring DVD / Bluray

Titling and graphics

Adobe Creative Suite

Sony DoStudio


DCP Station

Mac Pro

Software DOREMI CineAsset and Qube Master Pro

Serveur DOREMI DCP2000